Day 42 (Part 1): Tsunami Alarm

Some news affects others more than you and there are some that were meant to be ignored.

The alarm went off. The pacific woke up early because of the news of an impending tsunami.

I got a phone call from a concerned friend about a tsunami in the Pacific. It was the product of the chain reaction from the earthquake at Chile. I heard before that there were no tsunamis at Pohnpei because of the natural protection from the coral reefs that surrounded the island. That was this island’s difference from the neighboring Pacific islands.

View at Sokehs Bay

With the news on CNN this morning, the thought of the blockbuster movie 2012 played tricks on my mind. I imagined the waves coming in from the green mountains of my backyard.

When the hour of the tsunami was about to hit this part of the Pacific came and no towering waves blasted through the trees, I was relieved. Thank goodness to the natural walls that kept this island dry from ocean borne onslaughts.

I thought that maybe, this Sunday was better spent free from stress and from the news.

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6 Responses to “Day 42 (Part 1): Tsunami Alarm”

  1. Trina says:

    Hello, I am glad I was finally tweeting at the same time as you. I knew you had made some changes but could never quite catch up. Then pow, yesterday your tweet linking me here floated by on the stream. Yowza, what an experiance you are having. thanks for sharing a different side of life from what I am used to. I know I take fluid internet access for granted, and could accept a decline on a holiday…not so sure about living that way :-) I can see there are trade offs there though, friendship, food, scenery. Enjoy!
    Cheers Trina in easy town Canada.

    • Zorlone says:


      That is so true and I do miss reading your tweets since I rarely go online on my twitter account these days. You know, coming from your part of the world, you’ll enjoy the island life. The people are very nice and there are so many places to explore.


  2. MinnieRunner says:

    Sometimes, Doc Z, it was more helpful to just stop watching the news, he he he.

    2012 also played tricks on my mind when an earthquake hit the country.

  3. just keep praying and you’ll be safe :D
    Take care jan kuya!

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