Day 37: Talking in my sleep

There are things that you know about yourself, but you will find out more about yourself from others.

Such was the realization that I got when I woke up this morning with my roommate telling me that I talk in my sleep. It was gibberish of course, but I rationalized that it was just because I was tired and slept late last night.

I am thankful for two things, the fact that the words were gibberish and now I know better than to sleep really late and tired. That was something that I never knew I did, on second thought, my mom did tell me that I used to sing in my sleep when I was in preschool. We didn’t have a voice recorder back then, so my mom doesn’t have any evidence that it took place.

talking in my sleep

Nowadays, at a click of a button, you could easily record an event and broadcast it to the world wide web. Information is shareable and viewable from anywhere. We are so connected that we hear about the latest news in a flash.

By the way, revelations come both ways, I have been awaken from my sleep several times because of the humming of a machine like noise from the depths of the voice box of my roommate.  Peace bro!

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5 Responses to “Day 37: Talking in my sleep”

  1. MinnieRunner says:

    I am also talking in my sleep Doc Z. I even cry sometimes. The feeling in my dreams just seem to be real. ;)

  2. novz says:

    didn’t bonnie mention to you that you sleeptalk after that influenza outing? hehe. nah, i run a factory myself when i fell into a deep slumber.

  3. ss says:

    hmmmm…if it is gibberish talk. I wonder what kind of talk is that.

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