Day 13: The Village Hotel and a Lesson About Honesty

Nestled in a tranquil forest edge with a marvelous view of the ocean, The Village houses a cozy hotel, a restaurant, and a flashy bar.  Located in U, it is about twenty minutes away from Nett.   This is an ideal place to spend a quiet evening. Only the song of  the birds disturb this, otherwise peaceful space. Time is frozen in this part of the island and the meal-hour  is the only indication of the time of day.  It is a  veritable haven away from the business district of Pohnpei.

A Tattooed Irishman would greet guests  at the side of the road.

This is the logo of The Village Hotel Restaurant and Bar.

The Village Logo

If you’re  a cricket fan,  the  paddle- shaped menu would be a delight.   The list includes the Village’s trademark set meals for dinner.

When I got there last Saturday, I ordered some appetizers first.

The plum chicken ($4.50) was sweet and crispy while the Portuguese sausage ($3.50) proved delicious.

The Village Menu Dinner

Portuguese Sausage

Plum Chicken

Then came the main dish, which was the Beef Stroganoff ($12.85).   The  tasty soup of the day, bread, and vegetable salad (with your choice of sauce) completed my sumptuous meal. The Village Menu Beef

Beef Stronganoff

I almost forgot to mention that the coffee and tea were refillable or shall we say, bottomless. You could request up to your heart’s content, or your stomach’s,  for only a dollar each.

The waiters were attentive to the costumers’ needs, checking  every now and then of any additional orders.  Excellent service is their foremost concern, and costumer’s satisfaction is their  unspoken reward.

The Village Menu

The Village Hotel provides  sumptuous food,  homelike ambiance and excellent service  which  make  it  a  perfect  place for respite. The   background of green tree leaves and blue ocean complement the relaxing atmosphere.

For more information about the village hotel, please get in touch with them at

P.O. Box 339
Pohnpei, FM 96941
or fax at +6913203797
email: [email protected]


Honesty at The Village Hotel

Right after we had our meal at The Village Hotel Restaurant and Bar, Jordan offered to pay for the bill (since I forgot my wallet in my room). The total was around $42.00 lacking the exact change, Jordan paid the waiter $50.00.

We waited a bit and surfed the Internet for while longer and when the waiter returned, Jordan received his change. He counted it and it was right. Then, another waiter gave him another set of change. He looked at Jane and I and told us that there seem to have been some error in the change.

Honest Jordan

We just told him to do what he thought was right and in a jiffy, Jordan was at the cashier’s office where he pointed out his concern.

He later came back to his seat and told us that we were charged unintentionally with additional beverages. Talk about honesty in both parties, huh? This may just be some trivial miscalculation, but what’s important here is that honesty is a quality that surfaced both in the costumer and the management of the restaurant. Another reason to dine at The Village.


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2 Responses to “Day 13: The Village Hotel and a Lesson About Honesty”

  1. Sire says:

    The meal looks good and the price was more than reasonable.

    As to the cricket bats, I’m sure they could be used for those patrons who chose to be less honest? ;)

  2. jan geronimo says:

    Your beef stroganoff alone is worth three years worth of my AdSense earnings. Perhaps I’d just order tea then. Or order what you had and cross my fingers there’d be some weird bonanza in the change? That back and forth with the change is funny. Hey, no discount on account of the free publicity? :)


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