Day 42 (Part 2): Off to the Docks!


The calm weather betrayed the turmoil from beneath the sea.

It was already late in the afternoon when I got an invitation from some of the staff in the hospital about swimming.

“What the $%^#! Swimming after the tsunami alarm?” was what I breathed out in protest when I heard it the first time. I guess it really was safe to go out to swim in the restless sea.


There was already a group of people on by the docks of the abscon. Our gas tank was almost empty, but we made it.

absco-gangThe place was an abandoned dock that was probably still being used but not as frequent as before. I think it was because a new one for commercial trade has opened in some other part of the island. (That particular information is something I have yet to find out)

It was a cool place. Sokehs rock can be seen from the west and a tranquil sunset in the east. The clear blue water was so inviting that the guys couldn’t help but jump in the water. I followed too.

Jumping with Jordan

The first jump was nerve wrecking because it was approximately a twelve-foot high drop before you reach the warm salt water. There were some corals along the side of the platform conducive for snorkeling. The cheer and sneer of the people watching us dive was more than the applause that urged us to keep jumping. I only did three jumps and that was it. My thighs were sore from the last, so I just watched them on the dock.

It was almost seven in the evening when we decided to go back, but not without taking a closer look of Sokehs Rock at the industrial site along the main road.

Sokeh's Rock and a Pale Moon

(We found a gasoline station on our way back)

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2 Responses to “Day 42 (Part 2): Off to the Docks!”

  1. nighshift (jordan) says:

    The tsunami news petrified most of us…. but we are still yearning for adventure…no one can stop us. so it’s us versus the waves…. hey doc please upload our videos jumping off the dock.

    • Zorlone says:


      Thanks for dropping by bro, I guess the adventurers in us drove us to the docks for some adrenaline rush.

      Yeah, will do that soon.



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