Day 49: Hiking at Kitti

Learn something new everyday and try to meet new people along the way.

It is a simple rule: smile and say hi, someone will reply back, but if you stop and take the time to know the other person, you’ll gain a friend. Just imagine if you stop all the time to meet more people, there would be no more strangers, right?

I met a group of people this day, all from different parts of the USA mainland who share a common passion – hiking. I never tried to hike before, all I know is that I enjoy long walks and explore different and exotic places, then again I may be crossing the definition of the word “hike.”

Hiked at Kitte

The time was already 1 in the afternoon when we left Genesis. Jordan and Tin joined me to meet up with this group. Kit volunteered to drive us to the meeting place. Unfortunately, we were running late and as soon as we reached Rusty Anchor, the meeting place, the convoy had already left.

With the expert driving skills of Kit, we reached the convoy and was able to transfer from Kit’s car to theirs. At the time, Kit was already low on fuel and he had to go back and refuel.

We were introduced to Dennis and hitched a ride with him. Ten more minutes and we reached the drop off point at Seinwar, Kitti. As soon as we all got settled, we started the hike, but first we had to find our guide. Jerome, our local companion lived on a hill, so we went up to his place. After all, it was through his backyard that we needed to go through for our hike.

At first, I thought, what the heck, if this hike would be as simple as going to Jerome’s house on the hill, then it would be doable. Then, when we started our actual hike, I was almost out of breath while talking to Laura, the hike organizer. There was a total of sixteen familiar looking faces and new ones in the group.  Everyone greeted us, since we were the new comers, rather the noobies in the group, there were friendly smiles everywhere. We were welcomed and were given the simple instruction: try to catch up with the group.

The ascend up the steep mountain was laborious. Every rock, soil and root seemed to hinder each of my steps. Soon, I found out that I was not the only one having a hard time. Jordan and Tin were also tired from the initial climb. We were, so to speak, making the group rest more frequent than they planned.  :-)

Lost in the Jungle

Looking from within the green mountains of Pohnpei, it felt like I was in “The Avatar” movie with the alien environment that peeled away from each step inside the mountain forest. Beyond the trails were glimpses of the outer islands that surround us. The captivating view that surrounded us was as refreshing as the water we brought with us, yet the site quenched out thirst for adventure.

At the Top

We became more accustomed with the trek just like how our bodies assimilate a new environment, it was easier and our shared laughter were more obvious. Small talk spread from the front of the line to the back of our single file scale to an even higher altitude. Good thing there was not a single drop of rain from the sky. What was even better was the group’s eagerness to smile in front of the camera. Kodak moments were captured again and again.

Our Version of Lost

The return trip was surprisingly fast. I thought it would take a longer time to go back, but it didn’t. Everyone was sharing news, current events, policies of the government, and even some personal information. That was probably the key to refrain from boredom in retracing our steps.

I knew sixteen more people that day, thanks to hiking.

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5 Responses to “Day 49: Hiking at Kitti”

  1. jan geronimo says:

    You and Jordan made the group to have unscheduled rests? That’s funny. Be careful though as this tidbit might cause you both to be exiled from Pandora. :)

  2. Gem says:

    Hahaha! Hala dinala nyo pa ang pagkaFilipino-time sa hiking! :-p

  3. elmot says:

    Uy, nahuli ako sa comment, naghiking pa kasi ako, LOL!

    Wow, ayos yan bro, I can see that you are enjoying and having a great time…

    Maybe when you are back in the Phil, we can have our own hiking sa kanila ni Jan, LOL!

  4. chubskulit says:

    Hi there, am friends with Gem. Just checking out your blog.. Nice adventure you have here, me and hubby love hiking too.

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