Day 50 Jordan’s Day

Day 50 (March 8, 2010)

A simple greeting will rouse you in the middle of your sleep to make sure you celebrate the day of your birth.

There wasn’t anything special that day, like any Monday of the month, there was chaos at work and there was so many things to do and to prepare for. It was an ordinary Monday that didn’t promise anything, except that it was the birth of my roommate – Jordan.


Of course, there was something planned for him. The gang busied themselves looking for a cake and drinks for our good friend. We managed to wake a handful of people who will greet our, then, lonely friend.

It was at the stroke of twelve when the cake was brought out of the ice box and the gang started singing that too familiar song. Were there tears of joys from his eyes? I didn’t think so, only a half smug face greeted us while we started taking pictures of this impromptu event.

Alas, our short celebration was not finished. We waited for one special person to greet our celebrant. An insomniac Chinky eyed pretty brunette, Myla. She was the one who brought pure happiness to our friend.

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One Response to “Day 50 Jordan’s Day”

  1. Gem says:

    Finally, a new blog post after all these weeks!

    Belated happy birthday Jordan! I’ve enjoyed reading about you and doc Z since Day 1. You guys make it look like Pohnpei is an interesting place to visit. Too bad it’s quite expensive to get there even just for a short vacation.


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