Discovering Awak Pah

When the impulse strikes, there is no other option but to give in, even if it means to go swimming in the rain.

A short cruise from the town of Kolonia would take you to a local beach resort called Awak Pah.

For life’s simple pleasures such as spending time with the family in the water, one of the solutions is to go to the beach and on a small island where water is simply all around, the solution is just a stone’s throw away.

Awak Pah

For just $2.00/pax as an entrance fee, you could park your car and walk to the stony beach. Hey, it may not be as powdery white as Boracay, but the water is as clear. With your goggles on, you may be able to see some of the fishes lingering at your feet and the shellfish that are unbothered by the wake of your footprints.

Awak Pah

A row of modest cottages align in a row between the coconut trees, these cost about $5.00/each for a day. Hammocks lazily stretch across the trunks of coconut trees, while the mangroves form as giant fences for the Awak Pah.

What else makes this beach appealing? It’s accessibility, just a straight drive from town or a few hundred meters from the Village Hotel and you’re there.

If ever you decide to go it is always wise to bring these necessary stuff:

  1. Water
  2. Snacks
  3. Change of dry clothes
  4. Sun block
  5. Camera with fresh batteries
  6. Goggles and fins
  7. Pocket book
  8. Plastic bag for wet clothes and garbage
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6 Responses to “Discovering Awak Pah”

  1. Richie says:

    Paradise doesn’t always need to be perfect, right? Sometimes, it only needs to be simple…

  2. reena says:

    doc Z! finally found your blog (again). take care!

  3. This blog is so beautiful; you make me want to see Pohnpei, one of these days. (Of course, I’ve always wanted to see Pompei… not the same, though, is it?) Seriously, it’s gorgeous. And it looks like such a tranquil place.

    I’m glad you share your journey here.

    • Zorlone says:


      I will be sharing more when I finally have my own internet connection. I have everything in my journal.

      I’m going to give you a tour when you decide to come.



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